Partition mac hard drive for windows xp

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Select New Partition After formatting this first partition, the user will need to go back and follow the above steps again to partition and format the left-over unallocated area of the drive. Look at previous step. Remember, to change or add partitions, will destroy any data on the drive.

So, be sure to plan out ahead how many and what size partitions you want before creating them. In case the answer did not answer your question, you can always visit the WD Community for help from WD users.

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Return to WDC. This will activate all the Ethernet ports, wireless, display, sound card, etc.

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How to install, partition, format, or reformat a WD external hard drive in Windows XP | WD Support

A long time ago, DOS had a feature named "Fdisk" to create, delete, set active, set primary, format partitions before you installed the system. Usually, if you want to divide a 40G disk into four partitions, you need to use at least 20 minutes, the time of false operation is even not included. It was the only tool to partition my hard drive before installing Windows XP several years ago when I started to use a computer. This tool contains basic partitioning functions, like formatting, creating, deleting partitions, etc.

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This tool can make Windows XP hard drive faster and easier than Fdisk. However, when you want to resize the partition under Windows XP, if there is no third party program, you need to delete two partitions and create two new partitions or one , and then format the new partition s. This work is especially complicated, and the most important point is you need to copy all the files from the source partition to another, for if you want to resize the partition, Windows XP will cause data loss.

Disk Management in XP

In other words, if you want to maximize the performance of your Windows XP with more advanced functions, you need a third party partition program for Windows XP hard drive partitioning. I once looked for a reliable solution for Windows XP hard drive partitioning on both Google. My elders always tell me that there is no good bargain.

The Original way to perform hard drive partitioning before Windows XP came out

However, this saying doesn't work on this software. It does an excellent job when I need to repartition my windows XP. To shrink the partition, simply use your mouse to drag one of its ends into unallocated space.