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The Best Emacs Modifier Key Setup for OS X

Prey confidential records computer. The best way to check out Flyspell mode is to turn it on and type some misspelled text to see it in action. No matter whether you enter Flyspell mode or run flyspell-buffer , you correct errors in the same way. We'll demonstrate flyspell-buffer on our misspelled odyssey file.

Because it's an existing file not a new file we're typing , we need to issue the flyspell-buffer command. Esc x flyspell-buffer Enter.

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Flyspell highlights misspelled words in red. Words that are repeatedly misspelled are highlighted in yellow. Note that it doesn't highlight the proper names we inserted in the dictionary earlier using Ispell; Flyspell checks to see whether words are in your personal dictionary before highlighting them as errors. You move to a misspelled word and press the middle mouse button to display a pop-up menu of possible replacements.

Emacs has a spell checking feature flyspell-mode , that check spelling errors while you type, much like all other modern editors, word processors, email programs, or text box in browsers. However, emacs's spell checking feature is much worse than the spell checker in browsers or any commercial editor. When you have flyspell-mode on, it slows down your editing noticeably. But with flyspell on, the cursor freezes, and when you release the key, the cursor shows up in some other place.

Essentially, the screen is not updated so often. Also, if you are a moderately touch-type fast, you'll notice lag as you type.

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This delay is just not acceptable. Another problem is that if you open a document, with flyspell-mode on, it does not automatically check the spelling of all existing text. It only checks word at your cursor positions. In almost all apps with spell checking feature, mouse right click on a misspelled word will pop up a menu with list of corrections. This is very convenient, because mouse is the fastest way to go to arbitrary positions in a document.

Right mouse click does not work with flyspell mode. Then it shows a list of candidates with numbers for each.

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You have to scan which words is what number then type the number. After you've done a flyspell-buffer, you start to correct the words. After you removed the extra s, it remain highlighted. And if your replacement is incorrect, you won't know because emacs does not auto re-check. Or, you have to either do flyspell-buffer on the whole doc again and wait 25 seconds for a average 2k words document it to finish, or you have to turn on flyspell-mode. I'm surprised this hasn't bit me before, but I only recently started being annoyed by the lack of a middle mouse button.

In particular, I've started using ERC and flyspell , both of which have functions that require a middle click. I've googled extensively but haven't been able to find a way to do this. Here is precisely what I'd like to do:. Is this possible? If it is helpful at all, I'm using one of the Emacs 24 builds of Cocoa Emacs and I'm running Lion on a '08 era macbook pro.

For more information, read Translation Keymaps. Note to Alex R: This isn't so much of a solution as a workaround, but I'm currently trying the open source MiddleClick app which adds middle-click functionality all across the system by triggering a middle-click when you do a three-finger-tap. The only problems are that you can press middle-click accidentally by touching three fingers on the trackpad every now and then, which has been somewhat annoying.