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Thunderbird packaged for portable devices.

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Installing Thunderbird on Mac OS X

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Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Something does not work as expected? User Help for Mozilla Thunderbird. Aug Sun 27th I put my Mac to sleep every night not shut down completely and this morning when I turned it on, the Thunderbird was not there anymore, not on the dock, not on the harddrive or so it seems.

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I called Apple Tech Support and we went through a lot of ways to find the missing Thunderbird, but it could not be found anywhere, not under applications, not anywhere! Would really, really appreciate help on how I can retrieve the application. Thunderbird was downloaded in 2 months ago, so that should be the latest version, is this correct?

Thanks so much in advance! Aug Mon 1st 4: Where the Waters Meet, Wisconsin. Oct Fri 21st 3: Olympia, WA.

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Aug Mon 1st 4: Where the Waters Meet, Wisconsin. Create a new folder somewhere in the program to store old mail and move them there.

Then compact again. If that doesn't help, try these next steps: Find and delete the inbox.

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If this doesn't work do the following on each account: Move any mail in your Inboxes - that you want to retain - to subfolders of Local Folders. Close down Thunderbird 3. They will be rebuilt when you relaunch Thunderbird. I believe you have sent down the road to recovery!

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