My internet connection keeps dropping mac

If you suffered through this problem and found a possible solution not listed here, definitely post it in the comments for everyone else to read.

The solutions are in no particular order, just the order in which I happen to read them while going through my notes. Sorry it they seem a little random. I saw this problem with several clients and in the end, some were using routers that were several years old. This problem is one of the hardest to detect because it has nothing to do with your computer or hardware. If you live in a neighborhood or apartment complex with other wireless networks around, you really need to understand that there could be interference on the 2. Basically, it will show you all the networks around you, including your neighbors.

Then it will tell you the channels that they are using.

Connection Problems

You can then go into your router and change your channel to something that is not interfering with the neighbors. I can attest to this because I have had this problem at my own house. We used to live with no one around us, but when new neighbors moved it, all of a sudden I started having network connectivity problems.

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The connection would drop and I would have to restart my router often. Changing the channel fixed all of my issues. Another big one was security settings on the router. The best way to figure out if this is causing problems is to simply turn off all security on your router and then restart your MacBook Pro and see if your connection keeps dropping or not. If the issue goes away, then you can try a few things.

First, update the firmware on your router to the latest and try the security settings again.

How to Fix iMac or Macbookpro Wifi Disconnection Problem

Sometimes the bug fixes in the newer releases will fix this issue. Though not as common, you may simply have a faulty wireless card on your Mac. Considering how many machines there are, some are bound to come with faulty hardware and you might just be the unlucky one to have one of those machines.

The best thing to do if nothing else is working is to take it into an Apple retail store and ask the Genius bar to look at it. If you have to pay, then you can order the part on eBay and do it yourself.

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Some have had luck with deleting some of the preference files related to Airport and Networking. In case something has become corrupt, deleting these might fix the problem. They will be recreated automatically when you start your computer. This takes about 15 minutes and really erases your hard drive. When you do it yourself, the hard drive is not fully erased.

Usually, unplugging, and waiting a few seconds then replugging it back in will re-boot it. HTH and good luck. Did you have wifi issues prior to upgrading to High Sierra? Are your other wifi devices getting disconnected often as well? I would try what the previous post suggested and restart the router. If that does not help, the next step would be based on the answer to the above questions.

If all your devices are frequently getting disconnected, it could be a router issue. Find out what kind of router you have and see if it has the latest firmware. Update the firmware as needed. If the router is over 4 years old, consider purchasing a new one.

How to Fix a Mac with WiFi Problems and Dropping Connection

If you purchase a new one, get it from a store with a good return policy. If only one device is getting frequent disconnect, then the problem is with that device. My WiFi is fine. Still looking for a permanent solution. I was having this issue too, I thought it was my router, but then I realized all the other devices on my network were working just fine.

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So a lot of headache and resetting later, I figured, my problem was the broadcasting mode. It was mixed, so I set it to N, and my connection seems to be working just fine.

Its been about a week since I changed it. I even took my computer out, to do some battery testing, and bringing it back home and reconnecting to the network works too. Hope this helps you in some way, and hope that you get it resolved.