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Composing a blog post in Mars Edit can be as simple as writing an email but there are enough advanced features like macros reusable snippets and TextWrangler integration to keep professional bloggers happy. The thing that makes Flock unique is that it has integrated tons of the services you use online into the browser itself by default. This means you can browse the web while keeping tabs on your social networking and blogging services.

Check out all the services Flock supports below. Price: Free. Ecto is a surprisingly fully featured blogging application with support for a ton of platforms. Ecto features include both a rich text editor and an HTML editor, full local control of recently posted entries and drafts, and the ability to convert and scale images.

Mars Edit 2: Mac

Get it here. Affinity Designer is a professional vector graphic design software app for the Mac. In fact, it's the only professional graphic design app for the Mac that's worth talking about. It costs a fraction of the price of other popular graphic design apps, and comes with some seriously powerful editing options and features. I use Affinity Designer to create all of the custom icons, logos, eBook cover artwork, social media cover art, marketing graphics, and more both for myself and for my clients.

Check out the app here. This is an awesome, must-have application for bloggers that love to create screen-recording tutorial videos for their blog posts. Now, whilst this isn't an official app available directly from the Apple app store, it can be obtained from the screencast website here.

25 Best Mac Apps for Bloggers in 12222 (I Can’t Live Without Them!)

I use Screencast, of course, to do all of my on-screen product reviews, walkthroughs, and tutorials. OK, so this isn't exactly an app available for the Mac, it's available for iOS. But I had to include this one on my list! I never start work without this app running on my phone because it really helps me to stay focused on my tasks. Focus Keeper is more than a productivity timer, you can create custom sessions, set breaks, track focus sessions for up to 30 days, and more.

You can check it out here. So, there you have it my friends, 10 must-use blogging productivity apps for Mac users that I recommend checking out! Subscribe to my Updates!

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You can check out a copy here. Rocket Post This app is currently having some serious website issues but the app itself has been historically robust. The fact that it enables you to draft while offline is definitely a nice catch. WebStory Take away the pretty bare looking website and you actually have a really decent publishing application!

WordPress for Mac - Download

It has a fairly large following and is used by a number of bloggers. Give it a try here. A nice touch, if I do say so myself.

You can even moderate comments via some of the supported blogging platforms. Even more yummy. I hope you love it as much as I have enjoyed building it! Get it here!


The best blogging tools for the Mac

Ecto This app is one of the top Mac-based apps that you could get to help you manage and create content for your blogs. MarsEdit 3 This app is a close competitor to Ecto listed above. Blogo One of the nice things about Blogo, another very competitive product for your desktop blogging needs, is the ability to do full-screen writing. MacJournal This app is another great app on the list that many have found to do everything they need to do and more. And we save the best for last?

Web Apps for Blogging and Writing Love the web way too much to give a desktop-based application any love? ScribeFire This web-based app is seriously impressive allowing you to blog directly in your browser and connecting to your blog seamlessly. You almost have to try it at least once to appreciate this work of art in an app! Pretty neat. Download it here. You gotta love the Penguin. Linux Apps Why not, right?

My Blogging Workflow for iOS

Gnome Blog This is pretty much your most stripped-down and bare blogging app that lets you just publish with speed. Get it done quick and easy. Or maybe not. Simple, elegant design as well as a simple feature set make it a good choice to review. Check it out here if you want.