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In particular, we present the automatic program for designing the optimal grounding grid, where the proposed method and IEEE Std. The paper presents an effective method based on the Lagrange multiplier theory to solve optimal scheduling of hydrothermal power system. Optimal scheduling of hydrothermal power systems is a great important problem to electric utility systems, the main objective of the problem is to determine the generation for each plant during scheduling period of time such that the total system generation cost is minimum while satisfying the system constrains of the generating limits and available water.

The problem of optimal economic operation of hydrothermal power systems with fixed head hydro plants is considered and has had many researches about this. Determining of water discharge at the first interval is performed in this paper and lead to a low number of iteration and short computation time for convergence.

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The proposed method is tested on one system consisting of one hydro and one thermal plant through two examples. Tran Dinh Cuong. This paper presents one basic method of MPPT: Hans-Werner Dorschner. The proposed PSO-CF is the conventional particle swarm optimization based on constriction factor which can deal with different objectives of the problem such as minimizing the real power losses, improving the voltage profile, and enhancing the voltage stability and properly handle various constraints for reactive power limits of generators and switchable capacitor banks, bus voltage limits, tap changer limits for transformers, and transmission line limits.

The result comparison has shown that the proposed method can obtain total power loss, voltage deviation or voltage stability index less than the others for the considered cases. Thy-Linh Nguyen.

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Routing protocols over MANET are a critical issue where data is transmitted generally over multi-hop paths. Many proposals have been addressed to enhance the network performance, defined by end to end delay, throughput, and network energy efficiency.

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This paper presents the performance differences of multipoint relays algorithms and checks if these considerations could affect the network performance of a protocol that ensures a good QoS in terms of minimum-hop count OLSR , end-to-end delay OEDR , and network energy efficiency EE-OLSR. University of Natural Sciences Hochiminh City. Modern wireless communication standards as IEEE It is well-known that spatial division multiplexing SDM technique is the typical method to significantly increase the channel capacity by transmitting multiple data streams simultaneously.

The results can be used for training, and further research and development of MIMO-based communication systems. Spectral methods constitute a useful tool in the analysis and synthesis of Boolean functions, especially in cases when other methods reduce to effective search procedures. There is renewed interest in the application of spectral methods in this area, which extends also to the closely connected concept of the autocorrelation function, for which spectral methods provide fast calculation algorithms.

This paper discusses the problem of logic synthesis algorithm to optimize the number of Boolean network nodes using the Walsh transform. University of Natural Science Hochiminh City. Simulations evaluated the quality of the cooperative communication systems. This paper presents an implementation of an OFDM transmitter Tx and receiver Rx for generation of orthogonal signals in the electrical digital signal processing DSP domain for modulation of optical modulators and the detection of such signals after detected by optical receivers then recovering of orthogonal signals. Simulink and hardware models presented are scalable to higher speed allowing possible implementation in multi-Giga samples per second electronic processors for advanced optical communications.

The main idea of our technique is, using specific properties of the SVD computation in optimized method using the second order statistic SOS function. Because we still use the training-based least square LS for a part of the channel matrix and hence, our scheme can be described as the semi-blind algorithm which has strongly attracted more and more researchers in the wireless field. Our detailed analysis validates the performance and computational advantages of the proposed method. Simulation results confirm our modified scheme and illustrate that the new semi-blind channel estimation is capable of improving the quality of the overall system.

Fourth generation 4G wireless technology are expected to be based on worldwide interoperability for microwave access WiMAX systems. Especially, such wireless systems with large number of sub-carriers lead to undesired problems for practical applications.

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These methods are analyzed in terms of complementary cumulative distribution function CCDF under different models. Simulations results show that the proposed schemes reduce the PAPR of the transmit signals considerably. This technique, as the best candidate in real implementations, is applied on training based channel estimation for performance improvement. Experimental results indicate that the Minimum Mean Squares Estimation MMSE based channel estimation method not only alleviates the performance of MIMO channel estimation but also significantly reduces the complexity caused by matrix computation.

Active noise control ANC is a popular research topic for almost three decades [1, 2]. The basic principle of ANC is to introduce an "antinoise" signal that has the same amplitude but with opposite phase as the primary noise such that the resulting noise is attenuated in the region where the noise is to be controlled.

In this paper we present new theoretical and experimental results for adaptive filter ANC system.

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A new technique for feedback active noise control is proposed. An on line dynamic learning algorithm based on the error gradient descent method is carried out. Simulation results and real time results demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed ANC system. That means the throughput of the network is limited by the bandwidth of the channel. The multi-channel can be exploited to get more concurrent transmission. However, the single channel MAC protocol does not work well in a multi-channel environment because of the multi-channel hidden terminal problem.

The simulation results show that the proposed protocol achieves a higher throughput than other schemes. Sliding mode control SMC is able to cancel uncertainty of nonlinear system.

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However, the discontinuous control signal causes chattering. Besides, mathematical model of the plant is difficult to know.

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The weights of network are updated using a backpropagation algorithm. Simulations are carried out on a magnetic levitation model. Field Oriented Control FOC , provides independent control of torque and flux method is being used popularly to control induction motor response improving. The algorithm has verified through simulation result.

Rehabilitation Device for Paralyzed Children. Thieu Quang Tri. To help children who suffer from palsy learn how to walk, this research was conducted.

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  8. In this research, a leg-exoskeleton which is actuated by a hydraulic system was developed. This device has three degrees of freedom at each leg at the hip, knee and ankle. In the hydraulic system, six directional solenoid valves and twelve flow control valves are used in order to control the movement and the speed of the leg-exoskeleton. An AT89C52 microprocessor is used for monitoring the positions of all the joints and controlling the solenoid valves.

    By splitting the walking process into phases and adjust the flow control valves, the leg-exoskeleton can perform a walking motion.

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    With this motion, this device can guild the patient's legs and help them learn how to walk. This paper describes an indirect adaptive sliding mode control. The models of the system are identifed on - line based on RBF neural network. The stability of the control system is analysed using Lyapunov's theory. Simulation results are given to illustrate the proposed control system. In this paper, a control scheme that makes the combination of a kinematic controller and a sliding mode dynamic controller with external disturbances is proposed for an mobile robot to track a desired trajectory with a specified constant velocity.

    It provides a method of taking into account the specific mobile robot dynamics to convert desired velocity control inputs into torques for the actual mobile robot. First, feedback velocity control inputs are designed for the kinematic controller to make the tracking error vector asymptotically stable. Then, a sliding mode dynamic controller is designed such that the mobile robot's velocities converge to the velocity control inputs. The control laws are obtained based on backstepping technique. The system stability is proved using the Lyapunov stability theory.