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RapidTheNerd , Dec 18, Like x 1 Dislike x 1. Messages: 2, My connection has changed recently for some reason. Basically every 2 or 3 minutes I get this massive lag spike for about 20 seconds. This is the kind of lag where everybody around you freezes, blocks don't drop after you mine them and after the lag spike is over, it either rubberbands me back to where I was when the lag started or I get this glitch that's hard to explain. Before that everything was a perfect. I've tried everything in the guide but nothing worked and the admins haven't responded to my pm.

Useful x 1. Vynox , Dec 22, Dusklord Well-Known Member.

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Messages: 3, Hopefully this will help someon with similar issues! This guide seems really complete! Dusklord , Dec 22, Messages: 6, Really nice and detailed, reinstalling minecraft is something you might want to add, that has worked for me sometimes. Like x 1. Destroyyerrr New Member. For the past 4 or so days I have been getting java.

Internal exception: Read timed out

ConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information when I try to connect to any minecraft server. I have looked up "solutions" to this which include resetting router, computer, downloading lower version of java, downloading minecraft launcher again, adding java to firewall, and temporarily disabling firewall.

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None of these have worked so far and I was wondering if you found out some more information about the cause of the error. Destroyyerrr , Dec 27, Vynox , Dec 27, Eselyx Well-Known Member. Messages: 5, You should add Eselyx , Jan 10, Like x 5. Shark Cat. Shark Cat Well-Known Member.

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Shark Cat , Jan 23, Like x 2. Vynox , Jan 23, Funny x 2. I'll even pay someone 5 bucks who can help me fix this problem otherwise my hosting days are over. Thank you so much. Also sometimes, the screen gets stuck on "downloading terrain" and then after a while it will say "connection lost : timed out" EDIT: I also discovered I can run a server from my laptop from the same port that the desktop server is running on.

But I'm not sure. Thanks again for all the help guys!

Last edited by a moderator: May 27, SnowGears , Jul 12, The game has an internal timer that when not communicating with the server correctly begins to count to 30 seconds. If, after that half minute, there is still no response, it gives the error you have. The Nodus grief client i use why grief? Will test in a moment. Edit: Went on your server for about 5 - 10 minutes and there wasn't any lag at all. My lag-timer never appeared. Commands and chat responded instantly. Actions and interactions did not have a delayOne cause might be you playing on your server from the same computer that you host it from.

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Network usage may also be an issue. If the network has more users than it can handle it can delay connections. I'm stumped. Sorry, but idk what could be going wrong with the server. It couldn't be a cpu, ram, or network overload. Whenever you disconnected and reconnected, I never experienced anything.

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If it was any of the above three reasons, or just general lag, my lag timer would have started up from 0 but it never once appeared in the hour or so i was on the server, yet you kept having issues. BTW get a chat anti-spam plugin. Even if only your friends play on it, they may get unhappy about something one day and Well its just a good idea. Edit: Video available now. In the server. AtlasServer , Jul 13, SnowGears , Jul 13, Then turn online mode to true.

Also what are you typing in for the ip address when you try to connect? Is it the one everyone else uses? It sounds like it's an issue with the portforwarding. I had this problem a while ago and I don't remember exactly how to fix it but if I were you I would mess around with the portforwarding a little more. Tooner Try connecting to your own server with Jade , Jul 13,