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Anybody see "Night of the Comet"? Two sisters in a post-apocaliptic setting testing a Mac and having to clear several jams: Find More Posts by ShipWreck. January 27, , I have a MPA Carbine in. Let me tell you. This thing weights a ton. BUT it can shoot. I fell I could hit on a consistant basis a man sized target at 50 yards out with ease. IMO the ninche the gun fills is a PDW is your not on the move at ranges 50 yards or less and you need to throw out some lead.

If I had to lug it with me or reach out farther than 50 yards I would pick something else. But if I am hunkered down and need to throw out lots of heavy lead. Also since its so heavy there is no kick. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is Forum Home Page - Archive - Top. Copyright Complaints: TFL Copyright Policy. Contact Us. The Semi-automatic Forum. User Name. Remember Me? Forum Rules. Lost Password. Mark Forums Read. January 9, Location: Land of the Free Posts: Find More Posts by 9mm.

March 1, Location: Western WA Posts: March 21, Location: Athens, Georgia Posts: February 22, Posts: Find More Posts by B. November 15, Location: Barrel lengths To avoid additional legal requirements NFA tax stamps, licenses, etc , semi-auto versions of Uzi's were sold with 16" barrels so they could qualify as rifles 9mm carbines, really , rather than short-barreled rifles SBR. Find More Posts by MLeake. January 27, Location: Norfolk, VA Posts: Find More Posts by ScottRiqui. September 11, Location: Florida Posts: Find More Posts by zombieslayer.

July 11, Location: March 5, Location: Delaware - formerly NJ Posts: Find More Posts by GM June 14, Posts: When comparing the lengths, the UZI comes to mm with its stock extended, and mm with its stock collapsed. The MAC 10 has a length of mm with its stock removed, mm with its stock retracted, and mm with its stock extended. Another difference that can be seen, is between the cartridges that are used. While the UZI uses a 9x19mm parabellum,. When considering their rate of firing, the UZI can fire rounds in a minute, and the 9mm MAC can fire about 1, rounds a minute. Yet again, the UZi and the Mac differ in their muzzle velocity.

When considering their range, the UZI has an effective range of metres, and a maximum range of metres. On the other hand, the MAC has an effective range of 50 metres and a maximum of metres. Cite Prabhat S. February 14, The mini uzi and micro uzi have higher rates of fire than the normal uzi I believe, and you can get uzis with different lenght barrel for any model.

So it is not that revolutionary. Sure that it might be manufactured in the USA, but most of them are manufactured in Israel. The front sight is adjustable for elevation, and the rear sight has two aperture presets for range, and the windage adjustment. Sounds familiar? Well it's just like on the M A takedown button is located in front of the rear sight.

Pressing the button allows to lift the top cover off, revealing the massive metal bolt and the recoil spring assembly. Pulling the bolt back a bit allows you to lift up the front, and pull everything out forward at an angle. You now have full access to each and every part you need to clean and lubricate in order to keep the Mini UZI running. The disassembly procedure is exactly the same as on the real Mini UZI, which means you don't need tools and it's simple to do even with a blindfold on.

For example the blowback assembly comes apart without any tools, and there are no small parts or pins to lose. KWC has omitted the spring from the floating valve entirely, because the position is controlled by the BB, and it is closed by the gas flow when the BB is shot.

It doesn't even have a retainer of any kind, because it is supported in the rear by the piston head.

The loading nozzle comes off simply by pulling it at a slight angle, and you can then shake the floating valve out from the rear of the nozzle. The piston head is an improved model to get a better efficiency and kick, but it can also be replaced by upgrade piston heads with a thick enough O-ring. After unscrewing the barrel nut and removing its retainer, you can use the front sling mount as a pin to drive out the grip pin.

The Mini UZI is now completely disassembled, and the amount of tools required was again a round zero.

Do click on the detail strip picture for all the components and their names! The firing system of the Mini UZI is rather interesting, because it's a closed bolt variant. This system was developed for demanding users, who felt that the "lock time" time from pulling the trigger to the bullet leaving the barrel was too long with an open bolt weapon, such as the original UZI. An open bolt design would also nudge a bit right before firing, which isn't exactly a desired feature when you want to place a precise shot.

The trigger is linked to a similar sear system as with an open bolt, but the bolt is split into a separate bolt and "striker", which is actually a linear hammer. When the weapon is cocked, the sear only catches the linear hammer, and the bolt returns forward chambering a round from the magazine. When the trigger is pulled, the linear hammer knocks the valve open ignites the primer on the real one via a firing pin, and the blowback action pushes both the linear hammer and bolt back to the rear, where the former is caught again and the bolt returns forward.

If the selector is on Auto, the bolt trips an auto sear as it goes into battery, releasing the linear hammer for another shot.

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The Marui MAC doesn't strip quite that far without tools. Actually apart from changing the battery, you will need at least an allen key for any disassembly, for example to change the fuse.

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There wouldn't be much to see on the inside anyways, because the receiver houses an enclosed gearbox unit. The beauty of an AEP lies in the fact that you never need to disassemble it for regular maintenance. Simply keeping the barrel and hop-up clean is enough to keep an electric gun running for five-figure numbers easily, and we're not just saying it'll reach only 10k. As a nice feature, the outer barrel of the MAC is double-threaded.

Mac-10 and Micro Uzi Accuracy test

It has a large thread for the included foam-filled suppressor unit, but unscrewing the muzzle with a tool that engages the mock rifling! The tool doubles as a disassembly tool for the suppressor, in case you want to replace the foam baffles with a tracer unit for a cool tracer effect in the dark! But if you're like Chuck Norris and are comfortable with either or one in both hands , you should look at the things that set the models apart deeper than the surface.

A gas gun undoubtedly is more fun to shoot, provides a menacing sound and a more realistic action.


Difference Between MAC 10 and UZI

In this case the gas model is also clearly more powerful and realistic when it comes to the weight. With some models like the Marui vs. Maruzen Scorpion the difference in power is smaller, and the Scorpion AEP is actually the more refined when it comes to the finishing. What people in cooler countries can appreciate in an AEP, is the fact that it provides a stable performance even if the temperature has dropped a few degrees, and keeps working even when you go below zero, while gas guns start venting and the performance becomes very poor. Switching between two batteries with one close to your body is likely to keep the MAC running in any conditions where you would dare to play.

You could think of the AEP as a scooter that takes you to work or the mall every day, and won't let you down when you need it. This has been added to your shoppping cart. Home Sitemap.

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Sign up Forget Password Cart is empty. You are here: TM MAC Enlarge Image. Sign up Forget Password. Cart is empty. Verdict Both of these SMGs have plenty of virtues, and you can't really go wrong with either. The takedown pin can only be pressed after activating the safety. The pin is captive to avoid losing parts. The battery goes in with the sticker side down against the barrel. It only goes in one way, so there's no worries about the direction. The top of the magazine looks whole when it's out, but the rear part compresses to make way for the gearbox as you insert it.

The Mini-UZI is supplied with the basic accessories only. As a nice touch, the manual is in English and has its own compartment to keep it accessible.

The magazine is powered by CO2 capsules. The bottom cap can be replaced with [KW] for Green Gas use. The hop-up is increased by turning the barrel nut clockwise.