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Please be aware it is very dark and does not allow your apple logo to show through however. I am a perfectionist with my laptop and phone so will come back in 3 months to update the condition of this case. Some others have reviewed that the tiny lips that grip the laptop cover, crack over time, so I will keep an eye on that.

The bottom cover is a bit tricky to go on. It seems like it won't fit as demonstrated in my last photo, but it does The red circle in the pic shows a gap between the laptop and the case and Add to Basket. This is what I was looking for is perfect and beautiful! The best sleeve for macbook pro 15inch. I love the texture" - by Rashmi. Its wonderful! I love the texture; it is a soft rubbery matte finish. Fits well onto my macbook pro 15 inch with retina. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars was because some of the edges are a bit rough and not smoothened. It kind of like a cheap plastic toy the bottom case so when you rest your arms while typing it scratches against my wrists etc.

Ingram UK. Great quality case for half of the price of similar products. Have had Speck and incase products in the past and the Lention is equally well made. Time will tell if the case is more robust and doesn't crack and break over time as the other products have. The free port covers are welcome too. Only 1 left in stock. A good, rugged case that fully protects my late Mac Book Pro. Would highly recommend.

Barclay London, England. I love the bright orange plastic shell protector case which we bought to protect the exterior of my MacBook Pro. It fits brilliantly and whilst it makes the laptop slightly heavier to carry, nevertheless I have every confidence that it will do what it was purchased to do. Moreover, in stunning fluorescent orange, it is hard to lose in limited office space. Great value! I have a MBP 15" with touch bar. I wanted to protect it with a strong and not too bad looking case. This did exactly what I wanted: strong, perfect fit, good quality. It appears to offer great protection, which is what I needed in the first place, given that I use daily for work my MBP.

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Not the skinniest and does not show the rather nice space grey colour: but, hey! I certainly would buy it again and recommend it. I previously had a incase product protecting my other MacBook but decided to go with something cheaper. This is a good case for your MacBook, however it does not feel padded enough around the corners.

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I have a hardshell case on my MacBook so that makes me feel that this is perfect for travelling and transport etc. The accessories carry case is also included and I can stuff my charger, charger cable and a USB-C 5 inch dock for peripheries inside it.

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I bought the black and I would say it's very good overall, but it has a few drawbacks that I do not like. First is the how the case finish is made.

With the finish they put on the case, it is very susceptible to fingerprints. If I move my computer anywhere for 2 seconds, I will find my finger prints all over the case. The other reason is probably the same with all other cases, but the case is higher than the computer which creates a lip that leaves marks on your arm whenever you type. The lip is there because that's how the case attaches to the computer, but it makes typing almost painful.

This isn't as big of a problem for me as I use a bluetooth keyboard and trackpad when I am sitting at my desk, but if I am using my computer in class, on the couch, or in bed, it leaves a painful imprint as I rest my forearms on the edge of the computer as I type. In fact, as I am writing this review, I am sitting in my bed thinking of how my forearms hurt as I continue to type.

Macbook Pro 13 Inch Case Unboxing - Hardshell & Sleeve - Amazon

Other than the two drawbacks, this case is very good and I love the look of the apple logo and the color. December 18, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I have had this case for a month and a half and so far, it is great. I purchased TWO Speck cases that broke in 2 weeks!

Kuzy Case for MacBook Pro 15" with Retina Display

I have also bought a few knock off cases that held up pretty well, but eventually broke. This one, feels like it is tough. I like to take the bottom plate off every so often because dirt and stuff gets stuck because of the grate. And with the other cases, the case literally broke after taking it off and putting it on one time.

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  • But came off and back one very well. I mean, it wasn't the easiest to take off. There are 2 clips on the right and left sides of the track pad that you have to loosen to get it off. But once I got them loosened, it came right off.

    15 Best Macbook Pro Cases: Your Buyer’s Guide

    It cleaned very well and went right back on, with re-clipping those 2 clips. All in all, I love this case! It has been well worth the money. December 2, - Published on Amazon. The plastic is thick and seems to be sturdy against strong shocks, it will not resist a fall though, but who expects that, right?

    I can foresee this cover to have lots of scratches soon. Since I always put my Mac inside my backpack, apart from my other gadgets, I think this will save it a little from some scratches, however, it is easily scratched. The are some areas of the plastic cover, -I think where the plastic injection goes to form the lids that adjust to the unibody- that seem odd against the whole piece. Also, the Mac obviously feels more bulky.

    Best hardshell MacBook cases

    Other than that, these cons will be present in some other more expensive cases, so for the price, I think this is the perfect solution. December 14, - Published on Amazon. When this case arrived, it looked great - clear, functional, elegant, despite the branding on the cover it says MOSISO. Unfortunately this case is very delicate and peels, chips, and cracks easily.

    The feet came off the bottom case one by one until they all disappeared. Within months it looked awful. MOSISO does have excellent customer service - when I emailed them regarding the warranty, they quickly sent me a brand new case. However, after another five months this case has cracked, peeled, lost its feet, and I need a new case again. Will be investing a bit more money into a case that survives a year or more. Go to Amazon.

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