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By maintaining the unit ratio, you preserve sharp edges and correct alignment when the scale is reduced.

A system icon, or UI icon, symbolizes a command, file, device, or directory. System icons are also used to represent common actions like trash, print, and save. Within the 24dp bounding box, square icons are 18x18dp, circles are 20dp, and rectangles are 20dp on their longest side.

CMD + +/- makes desktop icons bigger and smaller in Mojave

Share Digg, Facebook and 12 more services. Icon sizes for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The full set should includes following icon sizes: 16x16 32x32 48x48 x Either download all icons in a single ZIP file or search icons by tags and download only selected ones. Toolbar Icons Required sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x Dialogs and wizards Required sizes: 32x32 and 48x Icon sizes for Mac OS X. Application Icons To ensure that your app icon looks great in all the places that users see it, you need to provide resources in the sizes listed below: x x x x 64x64 32x32 16x Toolbars Create icons for standard- and high-resolution displays.

You need to supply two resources: 32x32 32x32 2x 64x64 Use the PNG format. Sidebars Create your icons in three sizes: 16x16 18x18 32x32 pixels if using PDF If you create your sidebar icons in PDF format recommended , OS X will automatically scale your icon for high-resolution display. You do not need to provide high-resolution versions. However, if you use PNG format for your icons, you will need to supply the following resources: 16x16 16x16 2x 18x18 18x18 2x 32x32 32x32 2x.

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Icon sizes for Linux. Bold denotes the primary size for this kind of icon. Android L. Product Icon Grid The product icon grid has been developed to facilitate consistency and establish a clear set of rules for the positioning of graphic elements.

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DP Unit Grid Device launchers display product icons at 48dp. System Icons A system icon, or UI icon, symbolizes a command, file, device, or directory. Windows Phone.

How to Change the Size of the Taskbar Icons

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