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The easiest way, if you Macs support it, is to transfer your message history using Messages in iCloud. He is based out of Los Angeles, CA. In a former life, Sudz worked helping Fortune companies with their technology and business transformation aspirations.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. In the manage storage tab from About this Mac, I noticed, in the left sidebar, that Messages was occupying almost Mb. We suggest giving these a try too to see where else you can save on data. Yesterday I upgraded my MB Air from I found this thread and did what you advised I replaced the messages file from a time machine backup I made just before the upgrade. The messages are mostly there but no photos are, only a magnifying glass icon and nothing when I click on it.

I noticed in the old Messages folder there are only 4 files but in the new one there are 9. Try deleting that containers file. But instead of putting in the trash—either isolate it in a folder or move it to your desktop. Then restart your Mac and see if the problem clears. If so, you can delete the containers file. If you see additional problems, you can move that containers file back—removing the one your macOS just created. I signed out of messages, quit, moved the containers file to the desktop then restarted the MB Air.

I started messages, signed back in and no changes — no photos, only a tabbed paper icon with an i next to it. I did text myself a photo which shows up properly.

Extract all messages to and from a specific chat partner

However if I go to any text conversation even 10 years back and click the i where a photo had been sent it points back to the new photo I just sent. No solution except to go into recovery mode and use migration assistant to migrate all data back in. By any chance do you have any engineers on staff? He said it might work, who knows. Frustrating, it seems like I am very close but am missing something. You seem to know the drill, but just as a reminder, back up your Mac first before reinstalling macOS. Thank you! Now that I found these folders, how do I get them to show up in my current text stream?

Unfortunately, Apple does not offer a way to restore your messages directly. Instead, once you located the message you want to recover, tap on it to open it in Messages. The only other way is to restore from a Time Machine backup or another backup—but this then replaces the Message app databases with the older, archived one.

So you would lose any conversations made after that backup date. However, if you want to try this route we encourage you to search and read user reviews before downloading or purchasing any software that claims to recover your deleted texts. The files chat. Check that your Message App preferences and choose the tab General.

If not, check it and this should save your Message history moving forward on your Mac. Ive tried everything but the iPhone Messages history is not going through to the Mac history. Sorry to hear of your Messages trouble. Are you backing up to your computer via iTunes? If not, try that first. I wrote a self-executing and very user-friendly shell script that will safely and effectively remove any and all iMessage logs on your OSX computer. You need to go to Skype history location and manually erase the main. This is the file which stores the local chat history is stored.

Step 1 — First of all, sign out from Skype and ensure that it is not operating in the background. Step 2 — Now open File Explorer and paste skype history location into address bar and press Enter —.

Locate Skype Chat History on Mac OS X and Transfer It to Mac or PC

Step 3 — After reaching the folder, double-click your Skype name. Here, locate and delete the file main. This will immediately expunge full chat history from your Skype app. However, there is a drawback to doing so. The conversation that took place before one month will not be downloaded. Skype is widely popular amongst iPhone and iPad users. If you are one of them, you may feel the need to have knowledge on How to Remove Skype Chat History on these gadgets. Let us see how it works! Step 2 — The recent conversation list will be displayed.

Choose the chat you prefer to wipe out and swipe towards the right. Step 3 — Finally, tap on the red Delete button to do away with the conversation.

Extract all messages to and from a specific chat partner

Step 1 — Tap on Recent to view all the latest call history, conversation, and text messages. Step 2 — Next, tap the Edit button at the top. Now, tap the — button next to each contact and keep deleting the entire chat records. Step 2 — Here, click on the Privacy tab. Step 1 — Just execute a right-click on the contact and hit the option Delete Conversation.

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Step 2 — On the next confirmation pop-up, approve the process and finish the removal of the chat record. As an alternative, choose the contact from the left sidebar and click the Conversation tab.

From the menu that drops down, hit the option Delete Conversation. Step 1 — This is too simple, just switch to the Conversation tab and from the list of options, click Clear Recent.

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How to Delete a Skype Conversation

You will see that all the active conversation from the Skype sidebar will be closed. On the left side pane, right-click the contact and make a hit on Delete Conversation. Skype messenger app is widely popular especially in transmitting text and video messages. Every single message that you send gets stored somewhere deep in your system.

Editing Skype history / messages / database

It remains intact until you take any action. So, whatever your reason may be, Skype makes it easy and effortless to delete all portions of the chat records. Whatever device you use, this article will help you in wiping out the chat records. This is pretty important for those devices where multiple users use it. It eventually helps you to keep privacy in your conversation.

Hopefully, you will be able to maintain your conversation private and secure. If you have more tips on this Skype history, you are most welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section below. On the current Mac version V8 , there is no Privacy tab in the Preferences. Does anybody know of a way?

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