Mac studio face and body foundation white

I like to use this with a beauty blender over my foundation for a glowy dewy look. Although the bottle is small and the coverage is very … Read more.

MAC Face & Body Foundation (50ml)

About reviewer 21 reviews. I've thought about this for a while but finally took the plunge. I heard somebody on Youtube say that they use an equal size amount of this as their foundation they put on their face, and it's true.

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You need to use the same amount or more. It's a good thing it comes in a large … Read more. This does exactly what I bought it for: lightens up my too dark foundations so I don't look ridiculous. A little goes a long way since you only need a few drops and in my opinion that makes this a great value. Granted it sucks having to buy another foundation just to use a foundation, but it is what it is. The packaging is a little plain but the little dropper thing makes it practically … Read more.

About reviewer 18 reviews. Holy grail product for gingers. I mix my foundations with a few drops to lighten to look more natural. Only drawback is it's very watery and can make a more dewy finish instead of matte. I just use a bit more concealer and have no problems.

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I've never been able to have natural looking foundation without this product. About reviewer 6 reviews.

I mix this with a color that matches my skin when I am the darkest summer. Lately, I have been mixing more of the white, for a pale sheer was of color on my skin. Here is a picture of Oscar the kitten. I love him!! I love his bracelets! How are the other fur kids handling the new addition? Sorry to hear about your migraine. Any chance of you doing a step by step look break down on this one? Please share! It pains me to have such a massive bottle of this in the right shade without being able to put it on successfully.

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I hope your migraines go away dolly! I used to have them when I was in high school and college, do not miss them one bit. Feels and seems just like natural skin with that ealthy dewy finish it has… Just perfect.

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  5. It seems like a good deal, if I like the texture at all, so I do need to go get matched. Like other commenters mentioned, Imitrex and other prescription meds work well if you get migraines frequently or get very severe ones. I know that that time is a bad time for migraines and I go prepared to work carrying pain relief like Excedrin which has acetaminophen — Tylenol, caffeine, and aspirin in it — better for you than ibuprofen , and caffeine like coffee or Coca Cola. I can take an hour nap and even my worst one will go away. I would also see your doc if they are really bad just because the prescription drugs specifically for migraines are supposed to work well.

    You may have to try out a couple of different ones, but you will find the right treatment to help alleviate the pain or get rid of them. So sorry to hear about your migraines! This means that when we get rain or snow, boom, she has a migraine! She had the worst migraine ever when we had a blizzard a few years ago. She first went to a neurologist a few years ago, and used to take an everyday medicine Topamax, a kind of anti-convulsant, like what epileptics take , and then another medicine for when she actually had a migraine Maxalt.

    How to Use MAC Face and Body Foundation

    Now, she only takes Maxalt good thing too, since there seems to be some issues with Topamax. When she has a migraine, she always makes herself vomit. Gross, I know, but she says that it relieves some of the pressure in her head. She then takes her Maxalt and goes to sleep in a room with darkening shades.

    I love the sheerness and the slightly dewy finish. The giant bottle lasts me months as well. Do you have any idea if they are? It stays on all day, holds up to mom stress and can build up to a solid medium coverage. Plus I love that it comes in two sizes, I find myself keeping my regular shade in the large and then shade C6 to mix with it depending on various levels of fake tan!

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