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Will it erase my main partition? You will see the GPT is unchanged. To see the changes to the MBR table, you will need to enter the following command before and after using gdisk.

“Windows cannot be installed on to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style”

Apple does not officially support Windows on your model Mac beyond version 7. Fortunately, Windows 10 is designed to accept older version drivers, when current drivers are unavailable.

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Unfortunately, these drivers are designed for the legacy BIOS boot method. Apple does not officially support any 64 bit versions of Windows on any Mac models. In spite of this, I am able to run 64 bit Windows 10 Pro on my iMac. Even your output from gdisk shows:. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I want to install Win10 in a partition on my Macbook Pro.

Changing MBR to GPT in Mac OS X

NOTE: Write test failed with error number 1. It will be impossible to save changes to this disk's partition table! You may need to deactivate System Integrity Protection to use this program. About to write GPT data. Thank you.

So, edit your question and add the year of your MacBook Pro. Additionally, I think that you can also convert the disk to GPT through your windows installation media, as described in this link: docs. What Mythic Cocoa has posted is not true. If you want to do what you propose, then you are correct. Even better, I'd like to merge this Share partition with both Linux partition. I'm currently on Windows I'll boot on Mac OS when my computer gets cold it doesn't boot mac os when warm, that's my main problem , and give you any additional required information.

To get Windows to boot, you can try entering the following in gdisk from OS X.

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If Windows boots, you will be able to access the new shared partition from Windows. If Windows boots, you will not be able to access the new partition from Windows. Listen now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Asked 3 years, 6 months ago. Active 3 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 4k times. First of all, sorry for any English mistakes or print screen in French I'm Belgian. In advance, thanks for you help! But don't know what to do to repair. David Anderson The screenshot doesn't help much because neither the share nor the Linux partitions are really visible. Nice job filling klanomath's request.

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Also, what version of OS X are you using. Can I also assume the partition to be shared is the I'll post results of both command lines tomorrow. For the other questions: El Capitan, and yes, disk0s6 is supposed to be shared. I'd gladly merge it with s4 and s5 if possible without risk, since I abandonned the idea of installing ubuntu. I edited the first post with your request. I hope you'll have a solution You have to put a David somewhere in you comment, otherwise I will not be notified.

Manually uninstall gDisk step by step:

When posting a comment, click on help for more information. Hybrid MBRs are flaky and dangerous! If you decide not to use one, just hit the Enter key at the below prompt and your MBR partition table will be untouched. About to write GPT data. Do you want to proceed?

How to Install OS X with Disk Utility

Warning: Devices opened with shared lock will not have their partition table automatically reloaded! Warning: The kernel may continue to use old or deleted partitions. You should reboot or remove the drive. The operation has completed successfully. David Anderson David Anderson Many many thanks.

Indeed, I still cannot access the Data shared partition.