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This example will have a workbook with two sheets -- a data entry sheet, and a sheet with lists. In this example, you'll set up 3 lists. The main list has produce types, and the other two lists have items for the dependent drop downs.

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This is important, because those words will be used as Excel names, and two-word names are not allowed as names. If you need to use multiple-word items in the main list, see: Using Two Word Items. These lists can contain one-word items apple , or multiple-word items green beans. Next, follow these steps, to format each list as an Excel Table. This makes your list dynamic -- the list size will adjust automatically if you add or remove items, so your drop down will show the entire list. Next, follow these steps to create a named range for each formatted Excel Table..

Later, you will use this name, when making the drop down lists on the Data Entry sheet. Next, you'll add the main drop down Produce Type on the DataEntry sheet. This is just a normal data validation drop down list. Next, you'll create a dependent drop down list in the Item column.

This cell will have a formula to create the data validation drop down list. Note : If cell B3 is empty, you'll see the message shown below.

Steps to Create Word Drop Down List

Click Yes to continue. This is another example of dependent drop down lists in Excel. In this dependent data validation video, if a country is selected from the first drop down, only the cities from that country are in the drop down list. This video shows the basic set up steps, and then shows how to use the Excel IF function with a dependent drop down.

The instructions in the previous sections show how to set up a basic dependent drop down list.

Create a drop-down list

Here are a few advanced examples. In some workbooks, you might need to have two-word items in the first Excel data validation drop-down list. For the dependent lists, you can create ranges with one-word names, such as YOFruit. Then, create a lookup table, which lists each item in the first Excel data validation drop-down list, and the range where its dependent items will be stored.

Next, you'll create the lookup table, to match each item with its dependent items' range name. The RedFruitList items will be displayed in cell B2's drop-down. To create a 3rd dependent drop down list, use the same techniques, to create lookup tables and items lists.

How to Make a List in Excel for Mac |

Share Pin Email. The instructions in this article apply to Excel , , , ; and Excel for Mac. To create a drop-down list:.

Select Data. Select Data Validation to open the Data Validation dialog box. Under Allow, select the down arrow. Place the cursor in the Source text box. Select OK.

How to insert a calendar in Excel (Date Picker control)

INTL functions in Excel. These functions are used to find a workday after a finite number of workdays in the future. This is a very simple, easy and quick process. In this how-to video, you will learn how to change what application will open once you connect your camera to your Mac. For example, you may not want iPhoto to open up when you hook up your camera. Open up Image Capture and open up the preferences.

Change the drop down section Skype is a great service. However, a very disturbing, little known fact that might push you away from Skype does exist. If you closely read the terms of service agreement, it clearly says tha We're on sheet, tab, filter. We want to talk about filter, but we also want to talk about an Excel table or list.

It is simply a data set with field names at the top, records in rows, no blanks anywhere and no other data sets touching this data set.

Add a drop-down list to a cell

When we convert to a table, Teach Excel demonstrates how to completely hide the Ribbon menu system in Excel as soon as the workbook is opened. This will be done by writing a macro which hides the Ribbon only for the specific workbook in which the macro is implemented.

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