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How many times did you get your DD sunk by a teammate in cruiser who launch torps on your back and he's not even in range of any enemy ship. A lot!!!


But you got half a point there. Indeed, as I said, I don't feel like joining a Clan for that reason. But Random or even Ranked battles and Scenarios? No problem.

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Didn't like any of Apple's choices in the last years. And I refuse to buy an iPhone, but I bet you got one, right? It won't last forever. Lucky I've a job that's sort of seasonal. But your math applies only if all the battles reached the full 20 minutes. Reality is different especially in lower tiers. And If I get sunk early in the battle, like with my Kagero as I described, seldom I stay to see how it ends.

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I think I'm improving fast. Actually, I think a bit less, because as I wrote but you guys don't read me I found ways to mitigates those occurrences. To the point that for a while I thought the game was rigged, you know, like with the MM, that always put you in unbalanced teams. Thanks for the effort at writing up your tips to get it running better on Mac! Unfortunately it is simply not feasible to increase the support offered for Mac users due to their small number. If you're up for it, feel free to write a clean version for the newcomers section, that way more people looking for help might come across it.

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But your math applies only if all the game reached the full 20 minutes. Of course, at that point I hadn't seen your stats so going by your "I do good" I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you maybe actually do something instead of "pick a ship, die in 2 min, pick a ship, die in 2 min, pick a ship, die in 2 min, repeat for 5 hours every day".

What he said is exactly right, your answer to it ignores what he said throughout till you drop a random. Bad teams where you lose no matter what are averaged out by good teams which would carry you even if you were AFK, leaving just the "average" teams where your performance matters.

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Each 1 out of the 12 players in team contributes towards that victory or defeat in some way. Yes, your stats are climbing, but it kind of looks like your XP, WR, and to some extent dmg have hit your current skill ceiling, at which point you whatever you started doing better previously isn't good enough anymore, you need to get better at more stuff. He was going by your mentioned 3k games and 1 in every 7 crashing. Actually you have 3. So lets drop those out as irrelevant - leaves us with 3. Plus you take it any crash as a death. Not true. Most of the times it only means loosing a few minutes of battle.

Way, way better than those thousands of kamikazes, potatoes, noobs as you experts call them that do more damage to the team than to the enemy. Beside all this, I wonder why the hack did you guys read my post in first place if you don't have a Mac? I 'm just trying to give some tips to other Mac players.

Probably I should do like McCornway suggested: take away my little story and give plain and simple tips to newcomers. So I suggest you to go screw around somewhere else OR join me in a Division. Carl Soderstrom. WoWs Wrap issues. Full Crossover Product. Game crash after login, while loading game proper. No Sound - Mac Client. Wows crashes every 4 or 5 battles. WOW crashes. Serious Problems with the new wrapper 2. Statistics not updating. Clan page? George Buchanan.

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