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If you mean commercially produced movies, almost without exception you cannot legally transfer those to a different medium. Feb 16, AM.

Those converters also only work with homemade movies no copyright or DRM issues. Feb 16, PM in response to babowa In response to babowa. Feb 16, PM. That is really strange. VLC will play anything you throw at it. If you want to extract the movie s out of the video DVDs then you can do so from the disk image. Yes, I thought it was; however, I rarely watch a DVD on the computer preferring my large screen TV - I really only need it when I'm either importing it to burn again or some other "work" process, so i never bothered to check into the problem since MPEG Streamclip does what I need it to do.

Feb 17, AM.

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Communities Contact Support. Writing an image to a disk is not the same as writing a folder or file to the disz.

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Yes, the burn process works BUT I burned a windows 7 dvd iso and it doesent load. I tried 2 different isos and non of them bootable.

How To Burn DVD on Any Mac-Data DVD or Video DVD

With Finder burn tool, after restart, holding alt — only shows the hdd and cant see the disk. Second when you do select burn iso to disc, either from the file menu or the right click option, it actually just burns the iso file to the disc. In other words, worthless.

Need a copy of your DVD? Mac OS X does that - CNET

The point of burning an iso, or image file, is to make a disc with that image ON the disc, not just that file OF the image ON the disc. Actually it burns the ISO to the disc as the disk image.

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  • Just touch stuff on the screen you want to do! Not everyone has to be tech savvy! But if you open it in Finder then it knows how to open to the. Then try the command line — which sheds a bit more light on it. Gotta Love it when Mac fanboys insult people as a digital means of peen measurement. Trust me, there no correlation between Mac knowledge and peen size.

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    I have late iMac with OS. I have been buying only Apple products since before Over the years their business model continues to try and squeeze every last cent from their consumers. For example the cost of the external burner is outrageous. Third party external burner drives have mysterious compatibility issues with El Capitan. It might be as you said about third party burners and the OS though, for instance if I leave a disc idle in the drive for too long, an hour maybe , the disc is still visible on the desktop but becomes unusable forcing a power FULL down and power up — not a reboot.

    Anyway, there is a post on MacRumors that has a way to get the old Disk Utility working on I still use recordable optical media for small, semi-permanent backups that are stored offsite.

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    And I still rip CDs from my own collection, which numbers in the thousands and is therefore an ongoing project. I also will rip audio CDs that friends own to various formats for them, using apps other than iTunes where we can be really specific about the format, bit rates, etc. Hello, XLD! For one thing, many times the versions of DVD movies and CDs are different or better in their original optical media forms.

    Part 1. Why Can't We Copy DVD to Hard Drive Directly?

    This is absolutely not the case unless one is holed up in a very specific place—and probably in a large metropolitan area—to boot. Just beware that your optical media has a finite shelf life — directly dependent on the environment its kept in. Albeit these span decades, it would be a shame to lose a DVD full of data needed for something important or a keep sake down the road. DVD or CDs are a really cheap semi-permanent way to give files away.

    No uploading or downloading for clients. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. After entering my sudo password, the drive is unmounted. Once you hit [Enter] , the backup process will start. Give that a try first. After you plug it back in, MacOS will mount it for you, and then you can press the Eject button on your keyboard, the Eject button on the DVD drive itself, or the Eject icon in the Finder. By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: September 30