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If there's still not enough room on your hard drive, check out our guide on how to completely uninstall apps on Mac OS X , which will show you how to not only get rid of an app, but all the files associated with it as well. Heavier apps such as web browsers looking at you Chrome and movie editors use up a ton of system resources, leaving less available memory for other tasks.

  1. 1. You need to purchase more memory?
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  3. 2. Your operating system isn’t up to date.

All of this affects system performance, so before you start playing games, make sure to quit from resource-heavy apps in your dock. The less amount of open apps taking up memory, the more responsive your Mac will be, making gameplay that much better. Every time you log in to your Mac, a handful of apps open automatically, using resources before you even do anything.

26 Reasons Why a Mac Computer is Running Slow [Infographic]

The problem with that is that they take up processing power and RAM that could otherwise be used towards gaming. Luckily you can disable both of them using Terminal.

When your Mac runs slow, give it a tuneup

To disable Notification Center, open Terminal and enter the following two commands from Pastebin, one by one, in this order:. You will no longer receive alerts, banners, and notifications for any apps in your Notification Center. To get Notification Center back on your Mac, open Terminal and enter the following command from Pastebin. Similarly, you can disable Dashboard through Terminal by using the following command on Pastebin. Your dock will disappear for a bit and Dashboard will be gone. You can bring Dashboard back with the following command on Pastebin. Updates to your software include both bug fixes and new features that affect the way your computer runs, including the games that you play on it.

If you use Steam, it's also a good idea to update all of your games, which provide patches, updates, and new game installs that improve the way they run. Just go to "Library" and check which games need to update unless you have auto-updates enabled, then you're fine. Remember to empty the trash after deleting to actually free up the space.

The disk directory is the list of files stored on your hard disk along with their locations. Sometimes this can get out of sync with the actual files on disk. Cache files are temporary holding places for constantly changing information, such as installed fonts, graphics from web pages, Spotlight indexing, etc. As above, program errors and crashes can corrupt cache files, making them fully or partially unreadable.

Tweak this OS X setting to make games run better

This, in turn, causes individual programs or the OS itself to misbehave. There are a number of utilities on the market to help with these problems, but a very simple solution is built right into your Mac: Among other things, a Safe Boot runs a full scan on the hard drive sector by sector and fixes problems found in the disk directory.

It also clears cache files of old data, so you get a clean start on your next reboot. To perform a Safe Boot, restart the computer and hold down the Shift key until you reach the desktop. This may take a few minutes, and depending on your OS X version you may see a progress bar onscreen for part of the process. For more advanced disk directory repairs, I highly recommend DiskWarrior. One common step people take to try and solve disk problems is to repair permissions using Disk Utility.

Back in the early days of Mac OS X this was helpful, but it has become much less necessary in current versions. When your Mac starts up, programs you use frequently can be set to automatically launch at startup: Safari, Mail, Dropbox, etc. And some programs may have configured themselves to launch at startup whether you want them or not — Skype, anyone?

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  • You may have extraneous items or out-of-date tasks vying for attention. Some of these items may no longer be needed or current. For example, if you used to run Symantec AntiVirus on your iMac in and have just migrated things along ever since, there may be one or two Symantec programs still set to launch at startup.

    A long delay at startup could be a sign of a missing shared network drive. The next few steps are a bit more advanced.

    You need to be familiar with locating and deleting configuration files on your hard drive. If you are not comfortable with these steps, skip down to the section on RAM. These folders contain. An Administrator password will be required. Not all of these folders may exist on your system. Note that in OS X Where possible, choose lighter third-party apps. Most apps written exclusively for macOS will run considerably better than cross-platform counterparts. One example is torrent client Transmission, which eclipses Java-based alternative Vuze.

    Running updates will actually increase your available free space, since the system cleans up installation files once the updates are applied. Similarly, macOS needs updating regularly too. The updates that follow each new major version of macOS are always worthy of your time, since they fix problems that can cause poor performance and security issues too. These include:. Read More? Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. My Mac also slows down while booting and I tried all these solutions but I failed. Looking for the solution from Google Support and easily solved.

    Now when I am booting my Mac, it doesn't get slow. Recently purchased a new Mac, our old one was very slow to boot up even though there were only the Mac processes running, web browser kept freezing, programs were very slow to load. The old guy still looks brand new, and now that it is factory fresh again it runs like a champ. Not bad for an early computer. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article?


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