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I tried booting from the other partition but nothing, so I checked the USB drive and all the files were there. Anyone can help me? Hi, thank you for the guide. Do I need to add some options such as verbose, single user etc.? Thank you. I got it installed now. I added the -v for verbose and it worked fine. Just solved the problem. System works fine now.

Ryzen High Sierra Hackintosh Overview

Hope it stays like this! Great tutorial, thank you! Did you just keep rebooting and tryin again? Hey dude, first of all — gratz on the great tutorial. Followed the instructions and few issues come to my eyes: Probably my biggest problem — the CPU is not multithreading. Also a final question: Does Bluetooth works at all with some dongles? My system: You are missing the external drives patch I updated the EFI here replace your config.

That would be causing it.

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Guide works pretty well but virtual box says SVM not supported, while I have re enabled it after successful install. After the step 9. What can I do?

Fresh installing macOS High Sierra on AMD Ryzen Hackintosh Guide (10.13)

I have a asus crosshair hero vi and every time the installer loads up and I click the arrow to start installing it tells me it cannot connect to the recovery server. The installer wont go past that screen even if I unplug the Ethernet cable or disable network. Not sure if there is a bypass. This is probably a dumb question, but will the high sierra kernel and efi files work with a sierra usb?

I just did this and im stuck with the progress bar at full but no boot. I am stuck on the clover install I have high sierra on my mac. But I cant see to load the EFI for my usb drive on clover. Stuck on this step: So I got past this bug. So far osx seems to be working fine. Now I need to put it through its paces. But It worked just fine with very few hiccups.

Nothing major. This is my current system specs: AMD Ryzen 5 Processor 3. Heres the spec sheet for eventual build in case it is needed:. IABootFiles folder. I have the same issue.

The folder is no where to be seen even after showing hidden files. Are you able to upload your folder? I found out the issue. I follow this post https: Someone know how to fix that? Thanks for the tutorial. For step 12, what if my CPU is overclocked? My R5 is overclocked to 3. I assume 38? Thanks so much, this is an excellent guide! Hey so I went through the tutorial and have my flash drive ready with everything on it. IAphysicalmedia file.

Am i even going to be able to use the audio interface when I get high sierra on my build? Mi equipo es: La recomiendo completamente. Very nice tutorial and thanks verymuch.

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Follow your tutorial I successfully installed high sierra on my computer and run smothly most of the time for monthes. Another thing is shutdown pretty slowly,seems like 10 second after screen off. But the system stuck at Localhost com.

How to Install Mac OS in AMD ?

Please help out. Luckily I had a Mac with a That said, this guide worked like a charm for Only issue was Nvidia web drivers causing a boot to black screen, but that was solved by just turning on screen sharing once I got those uninstalled, and then sharing the screen to another Mac upon getting the black screen the next time. Which was a one time thing, was fixed for good after that. Also when attempting to do the build towards hidden files, despite already having such settings, I did not see such.

Any support would be appreciated and assisted with in donations.

What should I do? Same problem that many have with. Only version in appstore is This happens after I try to install on my SSD after doing the pre-install steps. Any suggestions? Any ideas on a fix?? So what do I write in the terminal..

Install OS X Mavericks on AMD PC | Ri Xu Online

This tutorial is by far the most comprehensive and easy to follow. I actually experimented running the script in regular terminal in my VM and it did pause asking for Volume name. I have followed everything from this guide so far. But struggling with usb3, usb2 works. At the moment its just blank in System Profiler.

It looks like Apple finally released the source code to Now we can advance installing I am looking for answers to this as well.