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Choose the accented letter to insert and double-click it. Your accented letter is inserted into your text. You can also use this method to insert symbols or emojis as well. Simply choose the appropriate list on the left of the Character Viewer. It's a little easier to type symbols and accented letters on mobile devices, as most operating systems have them built in to the keyboards by default. Just tap and hold any letter on your keyboard and a pop-up window appears with all the related symbols or accented letters you can choose from. Then, slide your finger over to the desired character and release.

But it's also useful for enabling different language keyboards when doing any text entry on your device. The exact wording and location of this settings option will depend on your device. Select the language keyboard you'd like to install, such as French, Russian, Dutch, Emoji, etc, and the keyboard will be downloaded and installed on your device.

Keyboard Viewer and Mac keyboard shortcuts for symbols

It can then be used with any app. Once you've installed a non-native keyboard on your mobile device, then you can use it to type special characters and accents. On the keyboard, tap the globe icon on the keyboard, to the left of the space bar both Android and iOS. Some Android users can also tap and hold the space bar to choose a different language keyboard.

Another way to type symbols and accented letters on your mobile device is to use a third-party keyboard. The steps users had to use in the past when operating systems made it difficult to support multiple languages in text without affecting the device's display language. You can still use a third-party keyboard if you wish, however since there can be privacy and security concerns with these apps, as well as compatibility issues, it's not recommended you use them today.

You can also use your keyboard to type special characters and accented letters in Microsoft Office on both Windows and macOS. Or using this slightly different procedure for Google Docs:.

Find the symbol or accented letter to insert. You can scroll to find it or search for it using the search box. Share Pin Email. Julia Borgini is a former freelance contributor to Lifewire and a technical copywriter. She's written for Social Media Examiner, Kissmetrics, and more. Updated August 15, Create Special Characters with the Character Map. To turn on the Character Map:. In the search bar, type " character map. Follow these key strokes to add accents to characters.

Hold down the Option key followed by the appropriate symbol and the accent will appear underlined in your document. Then, type any of the available characters, and the accent will be added to that letter. To type accents on Windows, the easiest option is to activate the United States-International keyboard layout:.

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Then, go to the 'Keyboards and Languages' tab and click Change Keyboards. You may also want to make this your default keyboard. Now, you can use the table below to type the accents you want. You will need to hold down the shift key for some symbols e. If you are typing in Microsoft Office and do not know the shortcut keys for the accents that you need, you can insert premade symbols into your document. However, this takes time, so it is not recommeded for longer documents, where the shortcut keys see above will be much more efficent.

Another option is to use a keyboard layout from a country where the language is spoken. However, this method may take more time to learn where the keys are located on the new keyboard layout.

If you'd like to use a country-specific keyboard, you'll need to follow these three basic steps. See the Windows and Mac boxes below for details about how to do this on each system.

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First, activate the keyboards or input methods that you want through the Control Panel:. When using another keyboard layout, open the On-Screen Keyboard to see what characters are associated with each key:.

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Need help? Contact the LRC, or check out the links below for more detailed, step-by-step instructions. Library Research Guides. Spanish Language Guide. Overview - Typing Accents How do you type accents? You have a number of options: On Mac, use shortcuts with your standard keyboard On Windows, use shortcuts with the US International keyboard In Word, use "Insert Symbol" Use a country-specific keyboard We recommend learning and using the shortcuts: they're fast and easy and they work in any software Word, Firefox, email, etc.

The ideal solution would be to assign a keyboard shortcut to an Apple Script which shows the Keyboard. Open Automator and select Service as the type of your new document. Set the options at the top of the workflow area to "Service receives no input in any application ".

Select Services in the left pane and scroll to the bottom, where you should see the name of your Service under the General Section. Make sure the box is checked to enable it, then select it and click add shortcut to set a hotkey.

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  • After setting the hotkey, open the Services menu in any application i. For some reason my hot key didn't work until I did this. A couple notes: The script requires that you check the Enable access for assistive devices box in the Universal Access preference pane. Closing the Keyboard Viewer window doesn't actually quit the application, and as Lri points out, it can be a bit of a resource hog, so the repeat loop checks every 5 seconds if Keyboard Viewer has any open windows, and if not, quits the process. I don't have anything pre-Lion handy to test this if someone else could report back in the comments, that would be great.

    Because the script loops until the Keyboard Viewer is closed, the Automator spinning gear icon will show in the menu bar until it closes. This is exactly for what I looking. I'm familiar with automator and shell-scripting, only needed a hint. Thank you very much I updated this using an Applescript that runs a check to see if the window has been closed, and if so, quits the process, to avoid the performance drain.

    Anyone interested in the old bash-based version can find that revision here. With minimal modification, this script toggles the viewer.

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    Replace "end if" with "else" and move "else if" to the end. Great solution. However, the "Show Keyboard Viewer" menu item isn't aware that the keyboard viewer is running? So this kind of breaks that menu item if you happen to use both of them. Lri I'm usually don't like install 3rd party apps for simple scriptable things, but this is the exception. If you want to avoid 3rd party software, I just posted an answer that will do the same thing with built-in software. Dergachev Dergachev 1 1 bronze badge.

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