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A simple consumer-grade program that produces good sounding music without much effort. It's not a program professionals use for music creation, though, since it's very limited compared to professional software. Apple's own music creation software for pros. It's a step up from Garage Band and iMovie; here you can build your music from the ground up and tweak every bit of the sound. FL Studio is like Sony Vegas. A very popular 3rd party program, which has about the same functionality as Logic Pro X.

The same goes for Cubase, another option. Another great alternative is Ableton Live, which according to this Quora page is better for the creative process of making music. Otherwise about the same as the other. So which one is the one for you?

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I have not tested all of them, but I think that all of them offer about the same features, and you would be able to create amazing music with any of them. Ableton Live might have a slight edge in the brainstorming side of things, but it comes down to this:. Keep in mind that before you have learned the basics of an advanced program, many things are going to be hard. Getting an instrument to sound exactly the way you want is possible in every of the above mentioned programs, but it is going to take time to get familiar with it, and much experimentation.

I hope this answer gives you a slightly clearer view on the available options and I wish you the best of luck in trying out the different but similar programs! So that is what I use till date. Here are the benefits Fl studio has over other software:. The Mac version of Fl studio is not that great but if you want to stick to Mac i recommend you use Ableton Live.

Of course, that may require you to test them out.

Many of them have free demos, so downloading and giving each of them a go might be helpful. I will also mention another powerful program called Studio One 2. I use this.

FL Studio 12 Coming To Mac (Properly)

It has a free edition that has a ton of functionality, and I think there are no significant restrictions like being unable to save or time limits. I find its interface fairly easy to work with, and if you want to get more advanced with it, I think that functionality is a bit more tucked away.

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FL Studio is cool. It is fundamentally different from garage band because garage band is an arranging and composing tool for live feeds of instruments or making drum loops and adding samples. FL Studio has a beat matrix starts as 16 boxes each representing one beat and you can build up custom drum loops this way. I recommend you play with both. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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I have a few questions to ask: What is FL Studio exactly? Is it easy to get instruments to sound the way you want? Jamm RobotKarel RobotKarel 1 6. Do you pay for the account or the download? Join us for part 2 then, and in the mean time check out our review of FL Studio 20 here. Click the Browser icon fifth in from the left and the ingredients in your song will be revealed or hidden to the left of the screen.

This includes raw samples, Patterns, instruments and effects. You can also display user locations to show your own sample collection.

Step #1 – Verify plugin software is correctly installed

Returning back to the Channel Rack, here is how you create a typical set of Patterns, this time for a Clap sound. Simply highlight the beat where you want the clap to trigger as it cycles around as you play. If you want to change the sound of the clap, simply hit the icon on the left Clap 1, 2, etc and a window opens, allowing you to change the sample, its pitch, volume of other parameters instantly. For melodic Patterns you have to select the Piano Roll editor Control click the part, or show using one of the five icon buttons — see main text and then either record or edit the notes as you would on a standard piano roll editor.

Now you have created both beat and melody Patterns you can see every Pattern within this drop down menu and also to the left of the Playlist.

Install Fl Studio 20 In Yosemite Or Any Mac Os X Version

Once you are happy with the Pattern s you have created you can now create an arrangement by simply selecting the Patterns and dragging them into the Playlist wherever you wish. See red circle on screen grab. The final icon is the Mixer fourth from left.

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You can pull it up to make it larger as show here…. Or adjust its width using the drop down menu as shown here red circle. Tuesday, February 19, Spitfire Audio completes Studio Orchestra range with woodwinds library. Internet Co. Five new electronic music drops this week. Loopmasters Late Night Blues Review. Steinberg Cubase Pro 10 Review. Highlights of NAMM Trends, releases and more. Mike Patrick shares the keys to success.

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