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Make a plan and stick with it

For example, if you need to follow up with someone, use tim or for projects marketing. Chances are, at the end of the day some to-dos are still open or you collected a few ideas which need your attention. Take your time and review them at the end of the day or week and make a quick decision: cancel, re-schedule or finish them right now. Use the month or week view for your reviews and to navigate through your calendar.

Create project notes for each of your goals, then schedule the to-dos into your calendar. Read the full walkthrough here. Dark, light and everything in between.

Select one of many themes to change the colors of the whole app, from clear white to elegant and complete black. NotePlan is supported on iPhone, iPad sold separately and Mac.

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It syncs all your data using iCloud and iCloud Drive. This way you can also work offline and plan away anywhere at any time. NotePlan saves and syncs all your notes in plain-text files securely on your iCloud Drive. Events and Reminders are integrated with your iCloud account.

NotePlan gets out of your way with a minimalistic design. Tools are tucked away into a custom toolbar and you can use simple, adjustable Markdown to format your notes and to-dos. The weekly and monthly calendar gives you an overview of your tasks.

Plan your day with ease. Organize it all in one app.

Days in the past will be marked if they still have open tasks. NotePlan allows you to work from notes and calendar at the same time, while giving you a glance at all the events and reminders of the day. Mac iOS Buy Demo. Get Serious Work Done NotePlan helps you to capture important details and keep track of things at work.

Get organized and stay on schedule with the best calendar apps for Android and iOS.

Manage your calendar, todos and notes in one place. Thank you for downloading NotePlan! There was a problem, please sign up here. Brett Terpstra, MacStories.

Best Calendar Apps for Mac of Plan Your Time to The Perfection

Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac. Capture Your Thoughts Open up today and get things off your mind. Plan Your Day Organize your tasks for the day by structuring them into headings and lists to get clarity and an overview of what needs to be done - Today.

Review and Re-Schedule Chances are, at the end of the day some to-dos are still open or you collected a few ideas which need your attention. Get the satisfying feeling of checking things off your list, even for calendar events. See the week at a glance, or tap to see the whole month. Adding and editing couldn't be easier All the power user features when you need them. Swipe to Schedule Need to reschedule? No problem. Just swipe left and change the date right there.

enter site Focus to Achieve Tap any action to focus on it. Add checklists, notes, labels, people, files, etc. Actionable Notes The Notes feature is flexible and can even include checklists for action items.

Stay on top of your to-do list

Journal You can also write separate notes, and even include files, so it's all at your fingertips. Sharing Working with someone else? Collaboration is coming soon! What Sets Summit Apart It's not just another to-do list app! Here are some things that make Summit worth trying out:.