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Character Map is installed onto every Microsoft Operating system; it allows you to copy and paste accented letters and symbols into documents, whether you use Word, WordPad, Google Docs, or another program. After that, click it to open the application.

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Then, click it to open the app when it appears in the search results. Scroll through the list until you locate your desired symbol or letter. Typing out symbols on an Apple computer is much more simple.

Insert a Check Mark or Tick Mark in PowerPoint for Windows

With Macs, each shortcut incorporates the Option key, which typically sits between the Command and Control buttons. Some combinations also require you to press Shift , which could be a tad tricky. The Shift key is generally located one row above the Option key. That will help you skip through the steps below. If the keyboard combinations on MacOS are too tricky, you also can use the character viewer to manually insert a special character or symbol.

So, there you have it, an in-depth guide to finding and inserting special characters and symbols using your keyboard. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss. Computing Lost without Print Screen?

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Here's how to take a screenshot on your Mac Whether you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts or applications such as Grab and Preview, this guide will teach you how to take a screenshot on a Mac. Once you know how, you'll be able to capture images within seconds.

25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

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  • Try these tips and tricks to get it working again It can be frustrating when your Apple MacBook keeps restarting, but this serious problem can be fixed! We'll go over the common causes for this issue, what you can do to fix them, and why it's okay to take your Mac to a pro!

    Select the symbol from either the recently used offerings or the bullet library, as shown in Figure C. As you can see in Figure D , Word automatically indents the item because that's the default setting you can change this setting for a bulleted list. For a quick indent fix, display the ruler on the View tab and drag the left indent for that item to the left margin.

    However, this isn't something you'd want to do every time you check an item off your list! If you want a permanent fix, read How to control spacing and alignment in a numbered list in Microsoft Word. At this point, you have one item that Word treats as a normal character--the one in the first list. The two following items, Word is treating as a bulleted list. I'm not suggesting you mix and match; it's a contrived example and I'm showing you how to use the features available.

    I'm not illustrating how to create a useable to-do list. So, don't ley the discrepancies bother you. However, it's easy to forget you're using bullets, and might cause a bit of frustration when the list doesn't respond to other tasks the way you expect. Once you have the symbol in your document, you can avoid the interface route and simply paste the existing symbol. It's that simple. You can use this method in any Office app. My least favorite way to enter a symbol is to use the Alt shortcut because you need to know the symbol's character code and then you must format the cell--it's too much work.

    However, it's a helpful solution if you want to enter a symbol that you can't find in Word's symbol library. To use this method, do the following:. Similar to the symbol in 1, you can change font properties for this checkmark. The first four methods will work similarly in most Office apps, including Excel.

    Let's switch gears a bit to see how you can use a formula in Excel. Now, with our simple example, this technique would be overkill, but it's a good technique to know just the same. Unlike Word, it takes a bit of setup, but with all the pieces in place, it works without any additional effort on your part. We'll illustrate this method using the same simple list Figure G.

    Keyboard Viewer and Mac keyboard shortcuts for symbols - fsymbols

    The first step is to apply the Wingding font to the checkmark column Complete as follows. Select B3:B7 and choose Wingdings from the Font dropdown. Next, enter the following formula in B3 and then copy it to the remaining data set column B :. Now you're ready to use the list. Simply enter a completion date in column D and watch Excel automatically display a checkmark, as shown in Figure G.

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    You can send screenshots of your data to help clarify your question. When contacting me, be as specific as possible. For example, "Please troubleshoot my workbook and fix what's wrong" probably won't get a response, but "Can you tell me why this formula isn't returning the expected results? Please mention the app and version that you're using.