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Now I'm not really sure what's happening. They want the replacements back, although I only have one label which I used to send one of them back this week. I haven't heard anything about a third replacement.

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I know it doesn't sound too terrible from this review, but I left out the details of all the times I called them and the time I spent in-call with support. It's been 24 days since I first called, and I'm still down a functional hard drive. I'm hesitant to buy Western Digital again for fear of this support experience should whatever I buy end up failing as well. Western Digital really needs to improve its warranty replacement process, as well as its product testing. The broken 2TB replacement was sealed.

Opening a WD My Book External HDD Case Guide

My Memory book didn't last a year and i lost tons of pictures!! They told me they couldn't help me and that i would have to pay to see if someone could retrieve the data i lost. I regret buying their product and will never buy it again!!! They reject your warranty saying manipulated drive if capacity is more then 2 TB. I have a 1 Tb My Passport Wireless hard drive. The internal lithium battery started to swell and the case cracked open.

This was a hard drive I had purchased for my daughter so she could watch films on her iPad. I have contacted WD several times through there website and not a single reply. Sorry lifelong customer lost, plus If anybody asks me this is all I will relate to them. I purchased a my cloud home 2 TB external storage device on the 24 Oct I realised in minutes that the item did not have a large enough capacity for my needs so called WD immediately to cancel.

The lady I spoke to submitted a cancellation requested however the following day I received an email saying the item had been shipped. I was told by customer services to decline the delivery then the item would be shipped back and I would receive a full refund. I did as instructed. I contacted WD a further 2 time as it had been over 2 weeks and I was told the item is still in transit.

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Due to the delay I contacted UPS directly to ask why the delay as WD had informed me they had not received the item back. I had been told on the 10th November by customer services that it was still in transit. I was originally told this again when I called today until I said I had an email from the courier that it had been delivered and who it had been delivered to. I was told that I would get a refund in working days. I again explained that it had already been more than working days. I was told the information would be escalated and I would receive an email.

I have never actually received the product and I don't understand why I keep on being told that I will get a refund once they get the product back when its been weeks Ease to plug in. Very fast backing up my hard drive. Great purchase. Looks as new. Windows 10 found drive no problems. Very bad product guys. Stay away from WD products. My portable device stopped working all of sudden and i am barely using it.. No support nothing.

Never waste money on this cheap products. For several years WD is not a reliable storage.


Western Digital My Book

Unfortunately, I learned this too late. On their website in the blog a lot of complaints. My hard drive also stopped working without a single reason. His guarantee is still valid, but the help desk will not help you.

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Click Install Now 3. The WD Discovery software installation process may prompt for a system restart. Restart the system if so directed. Install applications and updates as needed.

How to Switch a WD Passport From a Mac to PC | acluamimo.tk

Note: Cloud account registration may be required. Cloud services may be changed, terminated or interrupted at any time and may vary by country. Page Checking For Software Updates 5. This will install the WD Discovery software update. Page 15 Select if you agree. My Book Duo, My Passport devices are connected to the computer system and powered-on, the Firmware Update will not inform you which product s require the firmware update.

Click to initiate the backup plan and to exit WD Backup. This can be modfied under the categories: Libraries or My Computer. Select the desired option. By default, all the files that are backed up will be selected for a restore. If you choose this option, continue with Step 7.

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Alternatively, specific files and folders can be selected for the restore process. Use the folder structure to make the desired selection. Use the next section of this user manual to edit the security settings or to unlock the device. Not all of Western Digital's products contain active data encryption. For some markets, like Russia, the encryption is disabled and cannot be enabled by the end user. Retype your new password in the box. Verify Password d. It doesn't take much of a bump to damage them. Professional data recovery is likely the only solution. Joe Read more. WD Community Dropping included, you have several kinds of issues that arise that can cause a drive not to read.

The drive itself is broken, which means you can only possibly retrieve your data through data reco WD Community Well, yeah. Dropping the drive on the floor even from inches will break it.