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The arguments to setvirtualenvproject are the full paths to the virtualenv and project directory. An association is made so that when workon activates the virtualenv the project is also activated. Any number of virtualenvs can refer to the same project directory, making it easy to switch between versions of Python or other dependencies for testing.

Change the current working directory to the one specified as the project directory for the active virtualenv. See also premkvirtualenv postmkvirtualenv requirements file format. This is a temporary environment.

It will be deleted when deactivated. Syntax: lsvirtualenv [ - b ] [ - l ] [ - h ]. Syntax: showvirtualenv [ env ]. See also prermvirtualenv postrmvirtualenv. Warning Copying virtual environments is not well supported. See also precpvirtualenv postcpvirtualenv premkvirtualenv postmkvirtualenv. Syntax: allvirtualenv command with arguments. See also predeactivate postdeactivate preactivate postactivate Enable Project Directory Switching.

Syntax: deactivate.

How to Rip a CD with iTunes & Import MP3s on Mac & Windows

Note This command is actually part of virtualenv, but is wrapped to provide before and after hooks, just as workon does for activate. See also predeactivate postdeactivate.

Syntax: cdvirtualenv [ subdir ]. Syntax: cdsitepackages [ subdir ]. Syntax: lssitepackages. Syntax: add2virtualenv directory1 directory Syntax: toggleglobalsitepackages [ - q ]. See also premkproject postmkproject.

Apowermirror connect to ps3

Syntax: cdproject. Syntax: wipeenv. Syntax: virtualenvwrapper. Read the Docs v: latest Versions master latest stable 4. I need this function on my computer. Glad there is an external option. Works as it should. Works with my 2. Decent material, although some plastic parts are snapping off, after a few uses. A little loud, but geta the job done.

The drive works seamlessly with my macbook air. Then, a CD icon should pop up on your desktop. If you're trying to sync CDs with iTunes, that is an even easier process! Once you've completed your usage of the disc, you click on the disc icon, go to "File" in the main menu on the top of the macbook, and scroll down to "eject disc". I considered this purchase a bargain, and I highly recommend the drive!

USB 3. Really happy with this service. Sometimes things break and what makes the difference is the company standing behind their product.

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Really appreciate it. Original review: Used it irregularly over the last six months, maybe times. Plugged it in the other day. No life. Nothing, not even a blip, beep, or bop. Just plain not working. We already had VLC media player installed, so this truly was a "plug and play" device for us. So I bought this bluetooth dongle to pair my Xbox One controller with my PC since the port on the controller where I hook up the USB was bent out of shape and would not keep the controller connected.

I thought at first I was going to have to send this back, but no this does exactly as advertised and is ten times cheaper than buying the official Microsoft bluetooth dongle. Didn't even need the CD that came with this.


It was just plug and play. Essentially this was definitely money well spent.

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  • Ameno, sencillo y completo grabador de CD y DVD;
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Cocopa USB 3. I just build up a new computer tower. There's a problem loading this menu right now.