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These all look like they are attempting to be good Mac citizens, even if they still retain a bit of iPad-ness in their look-and-feel. While apps such as Duet Display have allowed users to turn their iPads into extra external monitors for Mac or Windows machines for years, Apple decided to add this as a built-in feature of the operating system in Catalina. Of course, it only works between Apple devices in this case. It's very easy to connect using the Displays setting on your Mac running Catalina Pro tip: go into Display in Settings on your Mac and check the box to show displays in the menu bar, if you want easy access to this feature.

The Sidecar feature works well, is very responsive and generally acts as expected. I have to admit that I didn't find it all that useful, though, especially when connected to a desktop with a full-sized monitor. Others might find it more useful to have a single app open on a small side screen like this -- perhaps something like Slack or a real-time analytics dashboard.

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I suspect dual screen desktop lovers who want to use the iPad as a second display for their MacBook when traveling could also be fans of this new feature. Even though it will only be used by a small subset of users, the most impressive part of Sidecar is how it works when you use an Apple Pencil with an iPad that's connected via Sidecar. It essentially turns the iPad into a drawing tablet where users can write and draw with the Apple Pencil on the iPad in Mac apps that already support stylus input, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and Maya from Autodesk.

With the new iPadOS now decreasing Apple Pencil latency to 9ms down from 20ms , the combination of the powers of the iPad and the Mac in this new feature will likely be one of the most welcome new additions in Catalina for creatives. The Mac has been a gaming platform for a long time. But in recent years, Windows PCs have been the computer platform of choice for most gamers -- for a lot of different reasons, but mostly because that was where the best gaming hardware and software could be found.

That's not likely to change anytime soon. Arcade opens up its whole library of games to Mac users. Combined with the TV app, which has a very similar look-and-feel to the iPad and Apple TV versions, this makes the Mac more capable as an entertainment device -- and travelers are likely to welcome that. It might even allow some of them to carry only a Mac and no tablet when they go on the road. Security and privacy changes -- Apple has done a lot of under-the-hood work to make Catalina more difficult for attackers to compromise , even if they do trick users into opening bad links.

It also introduced Sign In with Apple to protect your email address and your identity from apps and services you sign up for. Voice Control -- To make the Mac a better platform for users with visual, motor or other limitations, this greatly expanded feature allows a Mac to be fully controlled by voice commands. It's been attempted by others in the past, but Apple has taken a comprehensive approach and fully baked it into the operating system.

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It's a step in the right direction, but it's still not a Dropbox, Box or Google Drive replacement. Screen Time -- This popular new feature on iPhone and iPad comes to the Mac in Catalina, and lets you tie it all together across platforms.

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Parents of younger Mac users will thank Apple for this one. Notes and Reminders -- Both of these daily usage apps get big overhauls in Catalina as well as in iOS However, keep an eye out for bugs in syncing with devices using older versions of these apps on MacOS or iOS.

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Find My -- The mashup that now lets you locate friends and family as well as all your Apple devices from one app is now accessible from your laptop or desktop. This is more handy than expected. QuickTime -- The old school QuickTime app gets a nice little upgrade with Picture-in-Picture capabilities, and adds pro-level features such as a new Movie Inspector that lets you see all the technical details of video files.

Photos -- The same iOS 13 upgrade that will attempt to surface older photos and make automatic albums from your past pictures is also coming to Catalina. Still, if you want email power user features, you're better off sticking with Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. If there is one of these new features that you're ready to start using right away, then Catalina is likely worth the download.

For example, if you're a designer and you want the new drawing capabilities of Sidecar to use in Adobe Illustrator or your family has already purchased Apple Arcade and you want to be able to use it from your Mac, then those are good reasons to jump into Catalina. DJs and entertainers should also wait before upgrading to Catalina since DJ apps often use XML files to manage massive music libraries.

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Catalina's move from iTunes to the new Music app changes the library format and XML libraries are no longer supported, Apple told the Verge. If none of these things apply to you but you have a general sense that you'd like to try out what's in Catalina, then I'd recommend waiting for until after Catalina's first few incremental updates.

That will keep you on a stable system that's more bug-free. Catalina is fairly stable, especially compared to the early releases of iOS 13 and iPadOS this year, but waiting for the first updates is always safe advice for operating system upgrades. Don't put this on the machine you use to make money yet, but you can certainly load it on a secondary machine or an older Mac that you still keep around -- so you can get a taste of the Mac's future. Originally published with the launch of Catalina.

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